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Welcome to the inspiring world of ROR Group, where brilliance thrives through unity. We are a driven powerhouse where we embody our tagline, "United Brilliance", by synergising the resources and expertise of our subsidiary companies crafting brilliant solutions for lifestyle system integration, industrial automation, bespoke digital experiences, green technologies, software development, AI, creative design, digital media and marketing.

Our Visionary Approach
ROR Group's vision revolves around uniting brilliance to foster innovation and drive excellence. Every step we take, every venture we pursue, is infused with the collective brilliance of our subsidiaries. 

Our team’s combined experiences, unique viewpoints, and innovative minds provide us with the ability to evolve our solutions. Through our United Brilliance, we solve big problems by thinking laterally to deliver unmatched value to our clients.




153-155 Rooks Rd, Vermont VIC 3133

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